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Astaxanthin is one of the most potent natural antioxidants that exist in the globe. Researchers have explained that it is related to popular carotenoids such as carotene, lutein and canthaxanthin. The effectiveness of the component is attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which allow it to tackle a vast array of medical complications such as arthritis, health problems and several joint problems. What makes astaxanthin so unique? Many people have always found themselves unable to answer this question. The product is a carotenoid. However, it is not a regular carotenoid since its structure is unique. It is also important to understand that the working of this product is unique and that it why it always produce unique results. For instance, most antioxidants get depleted once their free electrons have been transferred. However, for astaxanthin, it will remain intact even after the transfer of electrons. It has a massive surplus of electrons which enables it to remain active for longer periods. No chemical reactions will occur in it hence it will undergo no chemical changes like other antioxidants. It also acts on more than five inflammatory pathways and in addition, it maintains balance within the system.